Real Estate - Residential

All of the lawyers at Torres, Roger & Partners LLP can help you with your residential real estate needs.  This includes purchases, sales, mortgages and refinancing, assumptions of mortgage, offers to purchase, houses, condominiums, townhouses, recreational properties and bare lots.  Contact one of our lawyers below.  We would be pleased to work with you.

Practising Lawyers

Scott Perkins

Floyd D. Saunders

Carlson, Richard

Dahl, Tyler M.

Derbowka, Michael G.

Herle, Jamie

Jamieson, Bradley D.

Katarey, Allison

Katzman, Randy K.

Katzman, Daniel

Kendall, Curtis

Kendall, Deryk J.

Kuse, Gregory M.

Mitchell, Jayme R.

Richards, Grant A.

Ritter, Iffat B.

Ritter, Aden

Watson, Jay D.

Wawryk, Matthew

Wilcox, Taylor

Wudrich, Bryden

Sheldon M. Beachum